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Hi, how are you? i hope you are fine.
welcome to my journal.
I let people call me Niar. Indonesian, Old enough to get married, but not yet. still Happy being single.
i love to reading, especially Haruki Murakami work. Deeply in love with Mystery, detective, investigation Drama and book.

i am a good stalker, i can search anything and anyone, but sometimes suck too, no body perfect right?
ah, i am a salary-woman, but always have so much time if its about Arashi, Smap, Dorama, and Korean thingi.

i've been on Korean Fandom since long time ago (my first one are Super Junior)
for Japan my first love are Arashi. forever Arashi, Arashi for dream.
been their fans since around 2011 and never get enough of them. Sakurai Sho is my Ichiban and then, since i love watching Dorama, i like Kimura Takuya acting and from him i know SMAP, and love to stalking Tsuyoshi and his best friend Katori Shingo.

ah recently i love Seventeen from Korea, esp Woozi, isn he so cute?

so this Journal will be around my Idol, my review drama, my Hobbies, my Friend, my self (??)

oh wait, before i ended this bla bla bla, bellow are what i like, i do have something i hate, i hate people that break the rule, take someone else work as their work, and take something without asking and permission (hell people like that).

okay enough, i know that some of you maybe will not be able to read this bla bla bla until here. its okay, i know i talk nonsense hehe.

Kiss Kiss Niar


Sunday, 13 May 2018

the morning when i am ready to go out, i just read a news that Terrorism happen on my town.
this is the first time happen on my town since i birth, grow and life for these 28 years here.
and then when i read more it happen on the church where my best friends always pray.
i just lost half my soul when i tried to contact her, is that true that it was her church and is she fine.
i message her on 8 am, when the bombing happen on 7th. then got reply on 10 am.
She was fine and i feel life again that time.
but then My mom said to me "my friend's son on the hospital now and in critical situation."
i feel so sad and horrible, i still can't believe how something like that happen on my Town.
It was not the first time in my country, but my town is one of the safest place, it happen before on the other town.
its not supposed to be happen at all place on this world.
that day 3 Church explode, and other church stop the activities that day.
it was a long day.

Monday, 14 May 2018

i am at Office, i just reach about 30 minutes when my Dad call me.
"are you okay? are you save?" then i read the news Terrorism happen again on the 2 Police Station at my town.
one of it is so close with my Office.
then, Ambulance, Police car never stop past my Office.
Government said to not going in the crowd place like a Mall and Park.
we are on Stanby, all the people on the town not going anywhere, stay at home or stay at office. and for office at big building close. all the school closed that day.
Me and my friends, can't go anywhere, we are at office, my Office are in the middle of the town, we really close with the terrorism place target.
and for the first time, my office become so quite, we know that the pray is not enough, we keep chatting with our friends and make sure they are save on the other place.
it was another long thrill day for us.

today it might be fine, calm and quite but the Trauma is still there.
they don't deserve died like that. We don't.I hope that something like that will not happen again, will never happen again.

Arashi Ballad Song

Since i fall in love with Arashi 6 or 7 years ago, my day are full with Arashi song. There is no day without their song. 

and basically I love ballad song, always mesmerize with  vocal, music and lyric that break every people heart. I am often cried just because a son. this is not lied, this is happen OFTEN.

Arashi are good with Ballad, really good, they have a good voice, a good sense of to live the song. especially Ohno and Nino, they always have a good voice on ballad song, and without realize even my ichiban are Sakurai Sho i am always looking for Ohno part, sometimes his voice are just calm my nerves.

if i need to write down what a good one or what recommend one, uhm, it will hard. from the maybe form Old album i will pick Ai To Yuukie Cherry Pie, Helpless, Iro Asenaide, Kimi wa Iranai Kara, Ima, Ai wo katarou, Blue*, Thank you for my days, Check no muffler, Days*, Tabidachi no Asa*, Silver Ring* and others. The song with star are my fave and the soung i often repeat or always in on every playlist Arashi i make.

There is only some of them, its only until the One album, there will be so much from Beautiful World album till now, and the coupling song too. If i have more time i will definitely write down the ballad you need to check and read the lyric meaning, but not on this post.

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Arashi's New Album 「untitled」 and respons from the Twitter

So, on the 7th September i got news from my Friend at Line square that Arashi will be release a new Album with tittle 「untitled」 with Main Song Unfinished.

At First, i thought that it was a joke, i could believe that the Album Title are 「untitled」 well some artist at my country used it often, but the main song tittle are Unfinished? what is that? then, my friends give me the screen shoot proof me that it was correct, na it make me scream "WHYYYY??"

The day After, on 8th September, its turn out that am not the only one who scream "why?", i found some funny and serious response on twitter.

here the tweet i could share from my Twitter Time line :

The last one, i am curious too what the Live perfomance and Tour turn out.


Basicly, i love Japan Drama with Genre Mystery, Detective Investigation or something with special trick, i love them more rather than Love drama
so, i have some list for Drama that i will never ever delete it from my computer.
because no matter how much i watch, no matter how i remmber the trick and result, i will love to watch it again.

here the list (list is alphabetic):
1. Ataru
2. Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou
3. Galileo
4. Hanzawa Naoki
5. Kagi No Kakatta Heya
6. Kindaichi
7. Liar Game
8. Monster
9. Mr. Brain
10. Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De
11. 99.9

and recently i watching Meitantei Kudo Sinichi.
these kind of Drama are make me craving more, i keep searching the good one.
and for Korea Draam, the best are still on Signal.
for some googling i search with keyword "the best Detective Japan Drama" or "Good List Investigation Japan Drama" 90% of them i already watch it.
now, i keep looking, what is best, its okay if only 1 episode special.

if one of you read these, please recomended me some drama, you know what kind of drama from the list right? i am craving like a monster right now for Japan Drama.
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oh its been a year less or more i can't count it.
life is getting harder these day, my age keep counting my work keep going.
i miss Livejournal so much even i don't have so much friend here to talk with.
but i love to be back again.

so what am i doing in these years, not so much, just keep around my country, wake up in the morning, working, sleeping. don't have so much time to getting fun. stop reading a book, broken up and can not have a date again because too bussy.

then some other day, my mom ask me, "why you work like a cow? what you get?"
then i think back. i work so hard to pile up my pillow with money. so i can going everywhere i want. esp Japan and Korea. then i realize, my money pile up but i don't have a time to have fun with it.
so one day, i am out from my work. it'been a month btw.
and i am already read all my book that i bought. give my money to my parents so they can go on holiday.
and when i don't have to do again i just remember all my social network, especially my Live journal.
i miss all my japan community here.
but i am so sad. some of them are deleted and some of them kick me from the community.
i dont know what to do.
building their trust are so hard. thats why i keep all my promises. i know how hard they work for the sub etc. so i can understand why they kick me.
well, i start again my life so i will start again this Livejournal.

:) :*


aaaahhh finally i got asisten at my work so i have some time free at office and at home.
after 2 years without asisten and working at office and at home like a crazy now i am so free.

okay stop about my work matter.
let's moving.

My friend, Niken, going to Japan every summer to visit her aunty.
i want to ask her to buy me LOVE Tour DVD but unfortunately she going home before the DVD release.
so she bought me some dvd and photobook report.


and unfortunately again, i can't read or speaking Japan,
i don't have no idea what i write at the photobook report and i won't scan it btw.
not because i won't share but it's simple i won't break the photobook.
let's say i am stingy. just for this one. for Arashi become Stingy are something good right? hehehe

for DVD i want to share it so much, but i find out that many LJ share 5x10 DVD Concert. and then (sorry) i don't know how to rip the DVD (stupid i know)

well, okay just want some talk.

bye for another not-so-important-talk later.

Thank you and Regards

(no subject)

well if you as me what i am doing in my saturday night? (i know no one ask) rhis will be my anwer.
i love sweet, i eat and drink so much sweet thing.
and the other sweet that i love is Arashi.
yea, this is what i am doing when i am bored to going out with my friend and my boyfriend, i just at home, at my room with my Arashi dvd and video, then eating something sweet.


wish you got happy weekend because i am happy with mine.


euhm, so...
i already at fandom world since 2008.
my first fandom is Super Junior.
yeah i am kindly active at Korean Idol fandom.
until now i am still at ZE:A fandom (aaaahhh i love them so much) thats why my name are style(ZE:A Fandom name)
at first i think that i can do anything if i am join them, share their pict, their video and their schedule.
but, i am totally wrong. every fandom has a rules, they were so strict. i can't share anything without point(we should active and make a point) or properly comment( just 'thank you' can up your point)
i already know the rules, know why the rules is very strict. and i am totally agree with the rules.

a few month before, japan idol totally distract me, i am falling in love with Arashi and want to join their fandom. i am join some of community at LJ because i want to know them more. i want to love them more.
so what i get here. some of fandom and fansub with rules 3x more strict than Korean's fandom.
i am so paralyzed, don't know what to do and start from where. but i want to know Arashi more, i want to love them more. i am agree with their rules. totally agree. but because some people take advantage from their trust its really hard for me(newbie like me) to get closer with them although i already follow the rules.

so people out there, that take the advantage from them, thank you so much, you make our (newbie) live harder now, you make us that know nothing be a victim here.

sincerely, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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uhm, honestly i made this LJ because some of my fave writers (fanfics) has so many story that they never upload on another side.
i don't know what to do.

euhm, i love idol from Japan or from Korea.
i am good at korea and new for Japan,
so here i am, i want to study more and play more :)

please help me