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aaaahhh finally i got asisten at my work so i have some time free at office and at home.
after 2 years without asisten and working at office and at home like a crazy now i am so free.

okay stop about my work matter.
let's moving.

My friend, Niken, going to Japan every summer to visit her aunty.
i want to ask her to buy me LOVE Tour DVD but unfortunately she going home before the DVD release.
so she bought me some dvd and photobook report.


and unfortunately again, i can't read or speaking Japan,
i don't have no idea what i write at the photobook report and i won't scan it btw.
not because i won't share but it's simple i won't break the photobook.
let's say i am stingy. just for this one. for Arashi become Stingy are something good right? hehehe

for DVD i want to share it so much, but i find out that many LJ share 5x10 DVD Concert. and then (sorry) i don't know how to rip the DVD (stupid i know)

well, okay just want some talk.

bye for another not-so-important-talk later.

Thank you and Regards
Tags: arashi, dvd, photobook report, private

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