Niarstyle (niarstyle) wrote,


oh its been a year less or more i can't count it.
life is getting harder these day, my age keep counting my work keep going.
i miss Livejournal so much even i don't have so much friend here to talk with.
but i love to be back again.

so what am i doing in these years, not so much, just keep around my country, wake up in the morning, working, sleeping. don't have so much time to getting fun. stop reading a book, broken up and can not have a date again because too bussy.

then some other day, my mom ask me, "why you work like a cow? what you get?"
then i think back. i work so hard to pile up my pillow with money. so i can going everywhere i want. esp Japan and Korea. then i realize, my money pile up but i don't have a time to have fun with it.
so one day, i am out from my work. it'been a month btw.
and i am already read all my book that i bought. give my money to my parents so they can go on holiday.
and when i don't have to do again i just remember all my social network, especially my Live journal.
i miss all my japan community here.
but i am so sad. some of them are deleted and some of them kick me from the community.
i dont know what to do.
building their trust are so hard. thats why i keep all my promises. i know how hard they work for the sub etc. so i can understand why they kick me.
well, i start again my life so i will start again this Livejournal.

:) :*


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