May 16th, 2018


Sunday, 13 May 2018

the morning when i am ready to go out, i just read a news that Terrorism happen on my town.
this is the first time happen on my town since i birth, grow and life for these 28 years here.
and then when i read more it happen on the church where my best friends always pray.
i just lost half my soul when i tried to contact her, is that true that it was her church and is she fine.
i message her on 8 am, when the bombing happen on 7th. then got reply on 10 am.
She was fine and i feel life again that time.
but then My mom said to me "my friend's son on the hospital now and in critical situation."
i feel so sad and horrible, i still can't believe how something like that happen on my Town.
It was not the first time in my country, but my town is one of the safest place, it happen before on the other town.
its not supposed to be happen at all place on this world.
that day 3 Church explode, and other church stop the activities that day.
it was a long day.

Monday, 14 May 2018

i am at Office, i just reach about 30 minutes when my Dad call me.
"are you okay? are you save?" then i read the news Terrorism happen again on the 2 Police Station at my town.
one of it is so close with my Office.
then, Ambulance, Police car never stop past my Office.
Government said to not going in the crowd place like a Mall and Park.
we are on Stanby, all the people on the town not going anywhere, stay at home or stay at office. and for office at big building close. all the school closed that day.
Me and my friends, can't go anywhere, we are at office, my Office are in the middle of the town, we really close with the terrorism place target.
and for the first time, my office become so quite, we know that the pray is not enough, we keep chatting with our friends and make sure they are save on the other place.
it was another long thrill day for us.

today it might be fine, calm and quite but the Trauma is still there.
they don't deserve died like that. We don't.I hope that something like that will not happen again, will never happen again.