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Basicly, i love Japan Drama with Genre Mystery, Detective Investigation or something with special trick, i love them more rather than Love drama
so, i have some list for Drama that i will never ever delete it from my computer.
because no matter how much i watch, no matter how i remmber the trick and result, i will love to watch it again.

here the list (list is alphabetic):
1. Ataru
2. Biblia Koshodou No Jiken Techou
3. Galileo
4. Hanzawa Naoki
5. Kagi No Kakatta Heya
6. Kindaichi
7. Liar Game
8. Monster
9. Mr. Brain
10. Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De
11. 99.9

and recently i watching Meitantei Kudo Sinichi.
these kind of Drama are make me craving more, i keep searching the good one.
and for Korea Draam, the best are still on Signal.
for some googling i search with keyword "the best Detective Japan Drama" or "Good List Investigation Japan Drama" 90% of them i already watch it.
now, i keep looking, what is best, its okay if only 1 episode special.

if one of you read these, please recomended me some drama, you know what kind of drama from the list right? i am craving like a monster right now for Japan Drama.


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