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Selamat Datang
Hwan yeong

Hi, how are you? i hope you are fine.
welcome to my journal.
I let people call me Niar. Indonesian, Old enough to get married, but not yet. still Happy being single.
i love to reading, especially Haruki Murakami work. Deeply in love with Mystery, detective, investigation Drama and book.

i am a good stalker, i can search anything and anyone, but sometimes suck too, no body perfect right?
ah, i am a salary-woman, but always have so much time if its about Arashi, Smap, Dorama, and Korean thingi.

i've been on Korean Fandom since long time ago (my first one are Super Junior)
for Japan my first love are Arashi. forever Arashi, Arashi for dream.
been their fans since around 2011 and never get enough of them. Sakurai Sho is my Ichiban and then, since i love watching Dorama, i like Kimura Takuya acting and from him i know SMAP, and love to stalking Tsuyoshi and his best friend Katori Shingo.

ah recently i love Seventeen from Korea, esp Woozi, isn he so cute?

so this Journal will be around my Idol, my review drama, my Hobbies, my Friend, my self (??)

oh wait, before i ended this bla bla bla, bellow are what i like, i do have something i hate, i hate people that break the rule, take someone else work as their work, and take something without asking and permission (hell people like that).

okay enough, i know that some of you maybe will not be able to read this bla bla bla until here. its okay, i know i talk nonsense hehe.

Kiss Kiss Niar
Tags: arashi, introduction post, livejournal, private, welcome

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