Arashi Ballad Song

Since i fall in love with Arashi 6 or 7 years ago, my day are full with Arashi song. There is no day without their song. 

and basically I love ballad song, always mesmerize with  vocal, music and lyric that break every people heart. I am often cried just because a son. this is not lied, this is happen OFTEN.

Arashi are good with Ballad, really good, they have a good voice, a good sense of to live the song. especially Ohno and Nino, they always have a good voice on ballad song, and without realize even my ichiban are Sakurai Sho i am always looking for Ohno part, sometimes his voice are just calm my nerves.

if i need to write down what a good one or what recommend one, uhm, it will hard. from the maybe form Old album i will pick Ai To Yuukie Cherry Pie, Helpless, Iro Asenaide, Kimi wa Iranai Kara, Ima, Ai wo katarou, Blue*, Thank you for my days, Check no muffler, Days*, Tabidachi no Asa*, Silver Ring* and others. The song with star are my fave and the soung i often repeat or always in on every playlist Arashi i make.

There is only some of them, its only until the One album, there will be so much from Beautiful World album till now, and the coupling song too. If i have more time i will definitely write down the ballad you need to check and read the lyric meaning, but not on this post.

i talk with some of my friends and told them that i love Arashi with their ballad voice and song, and they asking me if i have my favorite (from the recent single or album) they need to check, then i will give them this 5 song :

  1. Tears from Love Album
  2. Tell Me Why from The Digitalian Album
  3. Bokura ga Tsunaideiku from Japonism Album
  4. Miles Away from Are You Happy? Album
  5. Hana coupling song on single Power of the Paradise.

I am always looking forward for the live, i always wonder how will they pulled out the good ballad song on live version, and Arashi never disappointing me, or maybe us. They know how to bring the Ballad song on concert and i love them more. 

For Album Untitled, i am not yet find the Ballad i want to hear on live, maybe Pray, but i will stick with Hana, hope it will include on DVD concert so i could repeat it again and again.

so, last but not least, i promise to write down the ballad you need to hear from Arashi Album, Single or special CD. Ah, if you want to recommend me one i will glad to. 




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